The Custom Process

Howerton Jewelers & Co. is leading the trend in central Illinois towards computerized custom design with Matrix 3-D Jewelry Design Software.  This state-of-the-art system allows customers to see their design from every angle before it is even made.  Details can be seen on screen and in scale so you get exactly what you are looking for. Whether you want to remount an outdated ring or custom design your dream necklace, creating it with CAD-CAM is the most accurate way to do it.


Designing jewelry used to be a tedious and imprecise process.  Traditional methods include hand-sketching the item then hand-carving a wax model for the customer to approve.  If changes need to be made, the process starts over.  With the addition of this advanced technology Howerton Jewelers & Co. can create the precise design that you are looking for in less time.  Once you approve the 3-D design on the screen, the file can be sent to a machine that accurately carves a prototype out of wax which you can examine for yourself.  This wax will then be transformed into a quality, custom-designed piece of fine jewelry.

The design, casting, and making of a piece of jewlery...

Click on the first picture below and click the play button to view the slideshow.  Most pictures have comments explaining what is happening at that stage.

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