A Proposal Story


  I just wanted to shoot you an email and let you know the proposal went
great.  She didn't know about any of it and was completely caught off
guard.  Her parents and my Aunt and Uncle went with us to Longhorn
Steakhouse.  When we got there, the staff there told us the light at the
table was burnt out so they had to put candles on the table for us. 
Shortly after getting our drinks, and right on cue, Santa walked in and started
passing out candy canes as he made his way through the restaurant.  Tori thought
that was cute but was taken back when he stopped at our table and called her by
name.  He told her she had been good this year and deserved an early
Christmas present.  She was really surprised and began to open her
gift.  By this time, most of the people in the restaurant were paying
attention.  When she saw the precious moments figurine inside she started
to tear up.  I replied by saying, "That's great and all Santa, but I
think I'll have to do ya one better."  So, I got out of my seat and
got down on one knee and opened the box to propose.  She made me laugh
cause she was almost too stunned to respond in any way.  I don't think she
had enough time to take it all in and realize what exactly was going on. 
Her parents took lots of pictures so we were able to capture the memory. 
Many people around our table were quite impressed with the
surprise.   Now, just two days later, she's already making phone
calls to schedule a church and reception hall.  At the rate she is going, we'll
have this whole wedding thing planned, set up, and paid for by next
Wednesday.  She's too funny!

She absolutely loves the ring and I have to say that I couldn't have been
happier with the whole process.  I'm so glad that you were able to make
her ring.  I told her about you making mine so I really hope she goes that
route.  Best wishes in your business and I look forward to working with
you again in the future.  

Thanks again,


Dan Howerton, Owner


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